A few videos of Claire’s interview for Howard Stern were posted to the show’s official youtube channel. She talks about being contractually obliged for 7 seasons of ‘Homeland’, being validated after winning an award and people she would like to work with. You can watch the videos below, and we have also added a transcript of the interview under the cut – thanks to MarksFriggin.com!

After the break they played Led Zeppelin’s ”Heartbreaker” along with some Gary throat clearing clips during the guitar solo. They also played a Three Stooges bit with Bobo clips in it. They played a Bobo song parody and Living Colour’s cover of ”Sunshine of Your Love” with Ronnie’s ”Duu” clip in it. They also played a prank call Sal made to a restaurant placing an order and then falling asleep. They also played Adele’s ”Rolling in the Deep” as they were coming back.

Howard came back and said he is so excited that Claire Danes is there. He said he’s loved her since ”My So Called Life.” Howard said he feels like he knows her. He said he feels like he’s been watching her his whole life. Howard asked if this is too early for her. She said she’s up early for her 2 1/2 year old. Howard said he doesn’t see how she can do it. Howard said she has a full career and kids. Howard said it seems like they’re two full time jobs. She was pregnant during season two of ”Homeland”. She said that was very comfortable.

Howard asked Claire about how she does it with the kid. She said she works for 6 months and then she goes home to be a mom. She said her husband, Hugh Dancy, works on Hannibal. She said that she has been doing this show for years and it’s time now for her to design a new character. Claire said that she’s thinking that the gift of the show is that the writers are excellent and they keep challenging themselves. She said that it doesn’t feel like they’re on an impossible loop at all.

Howard asked Claire about Mandy Patinkin because he’s now a fan of his. He said he didn’t know what he did before but now he’s a fan. Howard asked about if they know where the show is going at this point. Claire said they have 3 and a half episodes left to shoot and they don’t know exactly where it’s going. She said they have a general idea. She said that if she thinks something is up with the direction of the show she’ll point it out. Claire said that one of the writers of the show who passed away a couple of years ago had a family member who was in the CIA so they get to go and tag along with some spooks and stuff like that.

Howard asked Claire about where she can research how to play her character. Claire said that it’s on the web. She said that you can find out more about it there. Howard asked if she’s ever contacted anyone on the internet to interview them to study for her character. Claire said she did speak to one woman early on. She said that she wanted to see someone in a manic state. She said her best friend is a therapist and she talked to her about it. She said that her parents are only in an angry manic state because they won’t come to her when they’re in a euphoric state.

Claire said in the first season when she goes off the rails she’s in a euphoric state. She said that she solved the mystery and she was flying on that. Claire said that she had fun playing that early on. Howard said whenever he talks to someone about Homeland the people say that Claire is really crazy and she doesn’t have to act. Howard said he thinks she’d love to hear that because she’s doing it so well that people think she’s crazy. Claire said that’s why people walk away from her on the street. She got a laugh out of that. Howard said he sees it as a compliment. Howard said she’ll know she’s done it when they take her kids away.

Howard asked Claire if she had OCD when she was young. She said she went through a period when she thought she saw ghosts and stuff. She said she grew up in a loft in New York and she thought she saw gargoyles and things. She said there may have been some OCD there too. Howard said there are Gargoyles all over the city. Howard said he has OCD and he thinks he has it under control. He said he would spend like an hour trying to get out of the bathroom with his OCD. Claire said she thinks that she had it under control too. She said she was able to work through it. She said it’s not uncommon. She said people go through phases.

Howard said he can’t tell if she had a good childhood or a crazy one. Howard said her mom was an artist and she had classes in her house. Claire said that her parents moved to SoHo and that was kind of a trippy environment. She said that her brother is 7 years older. She said her mom started a school called Crosby Kids. She said that they had kids in the apartment. Howard said her mom would put a trampoline in the living room. Claire said that they were creative and playful people. Howard said something bums him out about that. Claire said it was kind of great and loose.

Howard asked when she started to act. Claire said she took dance class at 4. SHE said dance companies would come looking for talent in the class. She said she started doing productions at PS 122. She said that she got a sense of what it was to be on stage and she loved it. Howard said she was good too. Howard said she started working really young. Claire said it didn’t feel like it.

Howard asked Claire about when she started going to Lee Strausberg to act. SHE said she was about 10. She said that she went to a performing arts high school and other kids were doing it for real. She said that it was a Junior High School but it’s become a high school now.

Howard asked why she was moved around from school to school. Claire said that she had trouble in school. Howard asked if she was weird. She said she was. SHE said she was nerdy and liked learning. Howard said she was a good student. Claire said she went to school with her best friend and she would see her step in one catastrophe to another. She said her friend would only answer 3 questions per class and she didn’t want to be ridiculed. Howard said he knew a girl like that. Howard said that she would ask so many questions that she became the annoying girl. Claire said that’s what happened to her. She said that’s why she went from school to school.

Howard said Claire was 11 when she auditioned for Milos Forman. Claire said she played a molested child and her parents were there with her every day she was on set. Howard said she was serious about this career from early on. Claire said they were also naive. She said that they didn’t know what this meant. She said she did some student films. She said she went out and booked jobs. Howard asked how she got an agent at 12. Claire said she had some stuff on film to show. She said she’d read for agents and they got one.

Howard asked how it was working with Dudley Moore. She said it was a pilot that didn’t get picked up. Howard said she was 12 and working with Dudley Moore. Howard said that he was a great actor. Howard said she must have thought she was going to be a big star. She said maybe. She said she just thought about working. Howard asked if she was nervous working with him. She said she didn’t know he was an icon at the time. She said she had no sense of context. She said she didn’t even know she was making a comedy. Claire said she was so obsessed with the truth. She said she was a serious actress. She didn’t know there were different styles of acting. She said now she gets it.

Howard asked if she has a copy of that show to watch. Claire said she’s not sure. She said she’s not sure if she could go back and watch it.

Howard asked if it was magical for her to go on set the first time. Howard said she was getting acceptance on the set of the show. Claire said she had a hard time in junior high school. She said that elementary school was good for her.

Howard said at the age of 13 Claire auditioned for a bunch of parts and she got a part in Schindler’s List but then she turned it down when they found out they were shooting in Poland. Claire said it was a tiny role and they weren’t willing to give her a tutor. Howard asked when she found out the importance of that movie if she kicked herself. She said there wasn’t really anything for her to do in the movie.

Howard said then Claire gets ”My So Called Life.” Howard said t was her and Alicia Silverstone. They picked Claire. Then the networks didn’t pick it up. Claire said that she went to high school while it was on hold. She said then the show got picked up and they moved to Los Angeles. She said that it was the day after that massive earthquake in 1994. She said that everyone was recovering from that. She said it was a bizarre thing. Howard said he can’t believe people passed on it. Claire said that it was so fresh and innovative at the time. She said it’s not always appealing to the networks. She said that they got picked up after doing the show and she loved doing it. She said everyone involved was so gifted. She said she’s very blessed to have had that.

Howard said that show was Claire and Jared Leto. Howard said he went off with the band and that seemed kind of weird. She said he’s still doing the band. Claire said that the writer of the show is a very dear friend of her’s. She said that she went off and did Wicked. Howard asked if she’s still close with Jared. She said she’s not but she does see him at things. Howard asked if he’s too odd. She said he is odd but they were very friendly at the time. She said she was 14 and he was like 21 so there’s that age difference. Howard said that was her first kiss on camera too. She said it was. Howard said they could have been locked up if he had dated her. Howard said she says that he had to give her a lesson in how to make out. Howard said she’s with this guy making out and he wondered if there were any feelings there. She said she was so tiny and it was like an older brother kind of thing. She said that she didn’t know how to process that.

Howard said that Claire had to take time off from the production of that. She said she was going to school too and processing the huge transition was tough. Howard asked if it was a mistake having her mom manage her. She said it wasn’t. She said it would have been problematic if she wasn’t here. She said that usually you don’t have that in your life and you’re breaking away from your parents. She said that was kind of tough but if they hadn’t done that it could have been worse. Howard asked if she has any resentment toward them at all. Claire said not at all. She said her parents weren’t stage parents in any way. She said now they live in Santa Monica. She said that her mom went to grad school and they’re back to making art again.

Howard asked Claire about doing some movies after My So Called Life. Howard said he has analyzed who she falls in love with and she seems to do that when she’s working. Howard said she met her husband acting. Howard said she met Billy Cruddup acting too. Claire said she has met other guys not acting though. SHE said she was with her first boyfriend and stayed with him 7 years. She said he was a musician. She was with him for 7 years. Howard asked if she thinks its good to be in the same business. She said marriage is a challenge. Howard said that it has to be tough when you’re both actors. She said that it is tough. She said that they are separated a lot. She said that’s the great hazard and annoyance.

Howard asked if she watches Homeland. Claire said she doesn’t do that. She said she watched the first six episodes last season and then stopped. Claire said that she finished it up right before they shot this season. Howard asked if it can mess things up. She said it’s stressful to watch herself. She said she’s evaluating herself. Howard asked if she gets angry if she did a take that she liked and they don’t use it. She said that she agrees with most of the takes they use.

Howard asked if she reads the reviews. Howard said he loves the show and thought last season was great. Howard said he thought last season was great. Howard said he doesn’t need the controversy. He said he liked the whole idea of last season. Howard said critics will say it wasn’t the best season. Howard said a lot of shows can’t recover. He said the fourth season got even better to him. Howard asked if she reads the reviews. Claire said she tries not to. She said she doesn’t find them that helpful or constructive. She said people are mean. She said that artists have to pick their own jury. She said they have to choose the opinions of people they trust. She said she trusts her husband and a bunch of other people she’s close with. Howard said he’s not sure he could tell her the truth. He said that he’d be afraid of hurting her. Claire said that’s a sweet thing to say.

Howard said Claire went to Yale. She said she did for a couple of years. Howard asked if she ever had an IQ test. She said she did but she doesn’t know the number. Howard asked if it was weird to go to Yale after she became famous. Howard asked if she was self conscious. SHE said she thinks everyone is nervous. She said that her roommate works at the CIA now. Claire said that everyone who sent to Yale was a superstar in their own universe. Howard asked Claire why she left school and if it was because she missed acting. SHE said that was it. She said that she was studying psychology. She said that she needed a break. She said she needed to apply herself in different ways. She said she had the greatest time in college though. She said she found her people there. She said that was a huge gift.

Howard asked if she regrets not finishing. She said she thinks she got what she needed from that experience. Howard asked if she was on guard when she was dating. Claire said she was with Ben at the time so she didn’t have that. She said that she kind of had that insight into relationships and she was there to learn. Howard said she really is annoying. Howard said that he’d think that every guy would want to have sex with her. Howard said she was famous and an actress. Claire said she had just had a great time. She said Ben was her first big relationship.

Howard asked Claire about doing a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo and Juliet. Howard said that she must know if she’s working with a great actor or not. She said he had already done a bunch of great performances. Howard said that she can tell if someone isn’t up to snuff. She said she thinks so. Howard asked how she does it with someone who isn’t that capable. She said you just power through it. She said it’s a lot harder though.

Howard asked about working with Leonardo and how she did that movie and then auditioned for Titanic. Howard said she got the part and she turned it down because it would be redundant to do another movie with Leonardo. She said she doesn’t think she got the part. Howard said Kate Winslet took the part. She said they were going to shoot in Mexico City for another 6 months and she needed another experience. Howard said Titanic was a huge movie and it won a bunch of awards. Howard asked if she was asking herself what she had just done. Claire said that Leo wrestled with taking the movie too. SHE said that she thinks that he wanted to go off into the stratosphere and that was his time. Howard said that it wasn’t that great of a movie but it was a big movie. Claire said she wasn’t ready for that. She said she wanted to go to college. Howard said it’s hard to say no to things like that. Howard said he has had decisions like that. Claire said it’s not going to serve you if you’re not ready for it. SHE said that she has learned that the hard way. She said she has taken jobs because she thought she should and then they fail. Claire said it’s a frustrating process.

Howard said everyone judges you by the box office. Howard said he thinks it’s very evolved to know it’s going to be a blockbuster and turn it down because she’s not ready for that. Howard asked if she thinks she lacks ambition. Claire said no. She said she just wants to act on projects with people who are smart and capable. She said she wants to be a better actor. Howard asked if she called her agent and told him to call James Cameron and turn down the role. Howard asked if her agent told her that she should take it. Claire said she doesn’t remember that. Claire said they were okay with it. She said she did the Rainmaker with Francis Ford Coppola and an Oliver Stone movie too. Howard asked if Oliver Stone is hard to work with. She said he can be manipulative. She said that’s their job though. She said that she had an amazing time working with him. She said it was a great experience.

Howard said he fell in love with Betty Thomas when he worked with her on Private Parts. Claire said that you do have to trust the director. She said that they are guiding you through the process.

Howard asked if she would go to an acting coach to do an accent. She said she will. She said that she has done a British accent before. She said she had to do that for Temple Grandin too. She said that her husband can do all kinds of accents on demand. She said she doesn’t have that skill. She said she has to study. Howard said he was amazed by this guy who played Brody in Homeland. Howard said you see him at the award shows and he has this British accent. Howard asked Claire about doing scenes with him and if he goes back and forth in accents. She said he would stay in his American accent. She said some people don’t do that but that’s fine.

Howard asked Claire if she stays in character on set. She said she has no judgment when it comes to that. She said she has no problem with it. Howard said that he would imagine that being on set with Daniel Day Lewis would be annoying. Claire said she knows how hard it is when you really mean it. She said that she can’t get upset with actors.

Howard asked if she’s ever worked with an actor who she thought was great and then worked with them and they weren’t so great. She said she has never encountered that. Howard asked if she has a list of people she’d like to work with. She said she does. Howard asked her to name some. Claire said that comedic actors are great. She said she would love to do a comedy. She said that excites her more than anyone else. She said she’d like to work with a bunch of directors too. She said that she’d like to work with Spike Jonze and Sophia Coppola among a few others. Howard asked if Sophia called her and said she was going to get paid way below her quote, would she do it. Claire said of course she would. Howard asked if she has to push for parity when it comes to pay on the set of a TV show. She said that they should push for that. Howard asked if she has turned down roles because of money. Claire she hasn’t. She said money is important but they do commercial work and work they get paid to do.

Robin asked how much Homeland pays. Howard said he read $220,000 per episode. Claire said she’s actually not sure. Howard did the math to figure out how much she was making per season. Howard did the long math and figured it was like 2 billion.

Howard asked Claire about how she spoke about filming in the Philippines and got some flack over that. She said that she shouldn’t have said what she did but she was 20 at the time. SHE said it’s hard. She said things can be taken out of context and you can be severely punished for it. Howard asked if she’s still banned from the Philippines. She said she’s not sure. Howard said that stuff can blow over pretty quickly.

Howard said that Claire didn’t work for 2 years because she said all the roles she was being offered were dinky girl roles. She said she did Temple Grandin. She said that she had less tolerance for roles that weren’t going to challenge her. She said sometimes you have to work to keep that muscle in shape.

Howard asked Claire about when she does a love scene and the actor gets an arousal. He asked what she does. She said that has never happened to her. Howard asked if Leonardo really didn’t get aroused. She said he didn’t and that’s true. Howard said you’d think that would happen. She said that they have all sorts of equipment on to make sure it doesn’t happen. Howard said he was aroused in every scene he was in with a woman. Howard said he’d just lay in bed and kiss someone and he’d get aroused. Howard said it was terrible. Claire said maybe she’s bad in pretend bed or something.

Howard asked about Terminator 3 and if that was too big of a blockbuster. She said it was out of character for her. She said they had cast Sophia Bush to do it and then they came to her. She said that she had fun doing the movie. She said the sense of scale was awesome. She said it wasn’t so much about acting. She said that it was tough working with the green screen thing.

Howard asked when she’s going to be in a nude scene. Claire said she’s not prudish in life but if she doesn’t have to do it she wont. She said that it’s got nothing to do with her being a mom or anything. She said if it was something about the character that was going to be revealed that’s fine. She said she’s not going to do it just ’cause. Howard said he’s going to make a remake of My So Called Life and everyone will be nudists in it. Claire said that’s genius.

Howard asked Claire if she was hinting that she’s done with Homeland. She said she has to do another season because she’s contracted to but she would continue to do it because they have such a great crew. She said she wants to see it to the very end. Howard said Mandy Patinkin is so talented. Howard said he seems difficult to him but he doesn’t know. Claire said he’s amazing. She said the first couple of seasons they were in the same apartment complex. She said that she and Morena went to high school together. Howard said that it seems like she’s gone to school with everyone since she moved around schools so much. Claire said that they became very good friends on the set in those early seasons. Claire said they had dinner parties and it was really so lucky that they had this community that emerged so naturally. She said they were shooting in Charlotte, North Carolina so they were all away from home. Howard said he would have sworn that Brody would have gotten aroused in the sex scenes. She said they were all good friends. She said that they played the dance video games together and things like that. She said that’s the only arousal they had.

Howard asked if it was pressure in her personal life when she dated Billy Cruddup. Howard said that he got shit for that. Howard asked if it was a scary thing for her because she was being judged. She said it was a scary thing. Claire said she was just in love with him and she had to explore that. She said she was 24 and she didn’t know what the consequences would be. She said she went through it. Howard said she should see who he banged. Claire said that they’re still friends.

Howard asked who her close friends are. Claire said that she grew up in New York City and she has a lot of friends there now. She said they’ve been friends forever. She named a bunch of her friends that she’d had for a long time. Howard asked if it comforts her that she has those friends. She said she’s just had them forever. She said she has friends in the business too.

Howard asked Claire about getting a review in the NY Times and memorizing it so she could perform it. Claire said she still has it memorized. She said it was so hurtful. Howard said that’s a bad thing to keep in mind. She said she got a glowing review for another thing she did so she’s learned that it’s not helpful to read reviews. She said it’s all gobeldy gook.

Howard asked about working with Steve Martin and what that was like. Claire said he’s a genius. She said she doesn’t think she’s met a smarter person. She said that he is kind and gentle and the story of the movie was about that. She said that he is very sensitive. She said she thinks that comedians are all like that. She said they’re all reading the world. Howard asked if she speaks to him at all now. Claire said they don’t hang out but she would be very happy to see him. Claire said that she thinks you just move on.

Howard asked if Claire prepares for winning awards and writes a speech. She said you have to. She said she has won 3 Emmys and she won 4 Golden Globes. Howard asked if that turns her on. She laughed and said ”You and arousal…” Claire said that once you win an award you’ve been validated. She said it’s okay. She said that’s not why they do what they do. Howard said it does mean something. She said it might help you get more work. Howard asked if you put the awards in her bathroom. Claire said that she’s been renovating her place for years and she’s been filming in Berlin and places like that. She said she hasn’t been in the United States for a long time. She said her husband was with her in South Africa.

Howard asked what role she’ll be turning down next. Claire said that’s an adorable way of saying that. Howard asked if she saw Titanic. She said of course she did. Howard said he doesn’t think he could go see a movie that he turned down.

Howard asked where her awards are. She said they’re in a box right now. She said that she will display them once the home is ready.

Howard asked Claire about her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Howard said he thinks you have to pay for it. She said that she doesn’t have to pay. She said she thinks that FOX pays for it. She said that it was a very touching thing to have people there at the ceremony.

Howard asked if Claire and her husband pool their money. She said it’s more complicated than that. She said they are very much together and all is well.

Howard said they love Homeland. He said it’s awesome. Howard said he loves what she’s doing with it. Howard said you can see her on Homeland on Sunday nights at 9pm on Showtime. Howard asked if her kid wants to be an actor, what will she say. Claire said that scares her. She said they’d love for the kid to be an Environmental engineer which doesn’t mean anything. She said it sounds good though.

Howard asked if she would do a movie if Amy Schumer or Louis C.K. offered her a role but she had to be nude. She said she would. Howard asked if she was naked in front of Steve Martin. She said she was face down with her naked ass up in the movie. Howard said that’s a great ass. Howard asked if she works out. She said she does run. SHE said she loves that. Claire said she had to work up to that.

Howard said he hasn’t seen last night’s episode of Homeland yet. He said he will watch it tonight after he masturbates. Howard said Claire really doesn’t know where the show is going. She said she really doesn’t. She said they’re hustling with the last few episodes.

Howard asked how long she has to memorize a script. She said she’s constantly learning new lines. She said it gets harder as the season goes on. Howard gave her more plugs and thanked her for coming in. Claire said it was great and she thought both of them were great. They went to break after that.


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