This ship currently sails thanks to the combined work of two huge fans of Claire – Gabby and Isa. Read more about us below!

A lover of pop culture, books, music, fansites and other things. The first time I ever saw Claire (I think) was when I watched “Little Women”, I must have been around 10 or 11 years old. Every once in a while I’d find a movie that she was in, and I realized I always enjoyed them. After the first couple of seasons of “Homeland” had already came out, I found the DVDs on sale in a random store and bought them without having ever watched the show, solely because I saw her on the covers. I ended up watching them in a little over a day. At that point, I already had this hobby of making websites, so I figured I should try and make one for her – I knew it would be fun to keep an eye on her career and meet other admirers of her work. I ended up finding out that Isa was a huge fan too, and we built CDN together.

I don’t remember when I started watching Claire’s movies but she definetely got my attention in “Romeo + Juliet”. I love this movie so much and I’ve always was a fan of de pop culture as well, so it was easy to find more of her work. However, it was with Gabby’s help I started to look at Claire with different eyes. I’ve already had the same hobby, making websites, since I was a teenager ( and potterhead) and that’s “where” I met her. I remember she encouraged me to watch “My So Called Life” and I loved and had a lot of fun. After that, we went into a crazy looping trip right directly into Claire’s career and CDN has officially been born.