Our fansite has been online since early 2014, and so many wonderful fans have helped us complete our archives along the way. This is just a little space in which we want to show them our appreciation.

First of all, I want to thank my lovely friend Kieran, who gifted us the domain claire-danes.net, which has always been our only address. When I told him I was considering building CDN, he had already acquired it, and he had been thinking of building a site for Claire himself. He never got around to it, so he convinced me to do it instead. I wasn’t sure I’d manage, giving how long her career is, but that initial push made me realize it could be a lot of fun.

Our first layout was designed by my friend Amanda, and we had it up for quite a while. I remember loving it. Kaci, who used to run a fansite for Hugh Dancy (Claire’s husband!), helped with some pictures we still have on our gallery, and we were affiliated until she gave the site away.

And, of course, our friend Luciana, who has always sent us so much stuff. She runs winona-ryder.org, which we have always been affiliated with, and many images we have on our gallery are thanks to her.

The girls from clairedanesdaily.tumblr.com, have certainly become a referrence amongst Claire’s fans, at least for me. Whenever she does anything – attend an event, pose for a new photoshoot, confirm a new project – they show up on Twitter screaming, which works as a great queue for me to update our site.

To everyone who’s ever sent us anything, who follows and comments on our social networks, thank you so much. You make this hobby of ours fun, and we love meeting people that enjoy the same type of entertainment we do. You have, without a doubt, kept this site running along with us. We appreciate it!