The official website for VOGUE Magazine posted an article about the play ‘Dry Powder’, which stars Claire and actor John Krasinski. We have addedthe featured image to our gallery, and you can read the text below.

Claire Danes

Claire Danes and John Krasinski star in the Public Theater’s Dry Powder—a vicious and hilarious drama skewering the people who skewer our global economy.

The catastrophic results of financial recklessness can be found everywhere these days—in headlines, on movie screens (The Big Short). Now the human cost of ruthless greed is coming to the Public Theater in Dry Powder, the 33-year-old Sarah Burgess’s scathingly funny, remarkably assured play about the battle for the soul of a private equity firm, starring Claire Danes and—making his professional stage debut—John Krasinski. Directing is the brilliant Thomas Kail, coming off the triumphs of Hamilton and the live-network-TV broadcast of Grease to helm a chamber piece, albeit one that goes for the jugular. “I had such a strong reaction to the confidence and muscularity and precision of Sarah’s writing,” says Kail, who is staging the play in the round. “I wanted to get all of us as close to the action as possible, to create a mini-colosseum where we could watch these characters crash into each other.”

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In the latest issue of The Edit, Claire talks to Emily Cronin about love, therapy and Carrie’s happily ever after. We have updated our photo gallery with digital scans, as well as the photo session featured in the December issue of the magazine. A huge thanks to our lovely friend Lora, from, for sending these images our way!

Claire DanesClaire DanesClaire DanesClaire Danes

Claire DanesClaire DanesClaire DanesClaire Danes

Claire is the upcoming covergirl for Allure Magazine! Thanks to Refinery29, we have bits and pieces of her interview, as well as medium quality pictures of her beautiful cover shoot.

Claire Danes has had a hell of a year. She’s starred in a reinvigorated Homeland and played a cheating wife in Aziz Ansari’s masterful Master of None.

Now, she’s covering Allure magazine and dropping knowledge that has nothing to do with potentially drowning her baby on Homeland. The My So-Called Life star said that she takes issue with people describing her as a fearless actress.

“Oh, I’m full of fear. I care about things; therefore, I have fears,” she tells Allure. “I like to think that I’m brave, which is different. Brave means you’re able to admit that you care. If you care, you are vulnerable.”

Just as she did in a Bazaar cover story last year, the actress dished on her infamous “cry face.”

“I’m very vain about my performance. I want to give as honest a performance as I can. But I’m not so worried about being regarded as beautiful when I’m playing a character,” she tells Allure. “I have plenty of vanity in my life. I want to look pretty in the world. But I can be this bottomless pit.”

I’ve never fully understood the big deal about the mythical Danes cry face. Do any of us look good when we cry? It seems like the height of absurdity to call out an actress for her production of maybe the rawest human emotion. Also, how would you like it if Claire Danes came to your work and took pictures of the faces you make when you’re checking email? (Actually, wait: That sounds awesome, never mind.)

Danes also spoke of future plans, perhaps hinting that Master of None could become the rule rather than the exception when it comes to future roles. “I’d love to do a comedy. I’d love to play somebody who is much more terrestrial and low-key and of this planet that most of us know and love,” Danes says. “I would like to maybe not save the world for a second.”

Claire DanesClaire DanesClaire DanesClaire Danes

Our gallery has been updated with additional images from Claire’s recent People photoshoot. Head over there and take a look!

Claire DanesClaire DanesClaire DanesClaire Danes

Claire is Marie Claire’s next covergirl! She is featured on the November issue of the magazine, in which she talks about the upcoming season of ‘Homeland’ and playing a character with postnatal depression: ‘It wasn’t great, especially when I had a child the same age,’ she said in the November issue. ‘And I am far from having murderous feelings about a child, but I know the complexity of what it is to be a mum, even when everything’s going well. There is a resistance and there is resentment even if you’re not in postpartum agony.’ She also talked a little bit about being married to actor Hugh Dancy, and you can read bits and pieces on The Daily Mail website. Our gallery has been updated with a couple of images from the magazine’s photoshoot and a preview of her cover.

Claire DanesClaire DanesClaire Danes

Claire is on the cover of W Magazine’s october issue as one of Hollywood’s new Royals. We’ve updated our gallery with a scan from the cover and a photo from the magazine’s photo session. Check them out.

Claire DanesClaire DanesClaire DanesClaire Danes

Our gallery has been updated with various high quality photoshoots of Claire – some of which had already been added to our archive in medium quality and have now been replaced. Please credit our website if reposting them elsewhere. Click on each image to visit its respective album.

Claire DanesClaire DanesClaire DanesClaire Danes

Claire DanesClaire DanesClaire DanesClaire Danes

Claire is featured on the cover of Variety’s June issue, and it’s been uploaded to our photo gallery, as well as an image from th same session.

Claire DanesClaire DanesClaire DanesClaire Danes

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