The first teaser for the 5th season of Homeland has been released! Watch it below:

Don Cheadle, from the television show “House of Lies” and Claire talked about how they keep it fresh even after multiple seasons of their television shows and what makes cable “the place to be” on Variety’s Actors on Actors. Watch it below.

Claire DanesClaire DanesClaire DanesClaire Danes

Claire Danes: What do you look for in a role? What attracts you to a project?

Don Cheadle: I think a lot of times it’s just something I haven’t done before. A way to stretch out and try to play something that really kind of scares me a little bit. I had this conversation with the producers (on “House of Lies”) when we were developing the role, and I was like, “This dude’s a douchebag. Where’s the connectivity? How do we root for him?” And my producer said, “It’s about being relatable. He doesn’t have to be likable, we just want to be able to understand him.”

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As we posted yesterday, Claire was a guest at The Late Late Show with James Corden last night. She was asked about her rare moments away from her son and what it’s like after she throws back a few drinks with friends and played a game called “Celebrity Cell Phone Profile”. You can watch the videos from the show below, and we’ll be adding screen captures later today!

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The stars and creative team of Homeland shared insights and anecdotes live onstage at PaleyFest LA, The Paley Center for Media’s annual ultimate TV fan festival. You can watch the full panel below:

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